Successful with Annuity Insurance Leads? Our NEW Product and Market Niche will DOUBLE Your Income.

Make more money with NEW one-of-a-kind products for a one-of-kind market

There’s an untapped market of 20 million potential customers out there ready for you to serve. You’ve not been able to tap into this market before because you didn’t have the products to sell them.  Now you do.

Sell a New Product You’ve Never Been Able to Offer Before

EQUITA Educator Group Plans offers a unique new product that is remarkably better in the results produced for retiring teachers — and in the commissions generated for you.  If you have been successful selling annuities or working annuity leads, you will be successful with our products, and we are looking for you.

Teachers Want – and Need – to Hear What You Have to Offer

For years, teachers have been marching lock-step into 403(b) retirement plans offered by their educational institutions because those are the only plans they know are readily available, and their institutions and accountants don’t tell them any differently.  Now you can.

We Teach You How to Sell to Teachers

Teachers are an educated audience, but they lack knowledge about planning for the future.  Fortunately, they know it and are eager to hear from an expert – you!  You may have experience selling annuities yet EGP’s one-on-one mentoring and our workshops will introduce you to the secrets of selling to this audience using not only the power of your words but the psychology of selling to educators.  You’ll learn powerful, proven ways to craft the language you use and the body postures that inspire confidence and trust.

Educator Group Plans has more leads than agents to work them

Because we generate our own leads in-house, EGP can assure you a steady stream of pre-qualified, interested educators who are eager to learn more about retirement investing and are ready to buy.  Unlike annuity leads generation mills we never purchase leads from outside sources, nor do we sell our leads to others.  When you are an EQUITA EGP agent, your leads  belong to you alone.

We Put an End to Prospecting.  Just Show Up and Sell!

As an EQUITA agent, you have a protected territory you choose yourself.  Then EQUITA stands behind you with the most powerful insurance and annuity marketing system in America.  We generate targeted leads for you in-house, so there’s always a steady stream of pre-qualified, interested educators who are eager to learn more about retirement investing.  When they respond to our seminar offer on your behalf, our professional staff arranges for a restaurant or hotel room where you’ll conduct your seminar.  We even call and invite – and reconfirm – their attendance.  All you have to do is show up and do what you do best: SELLl!

EQUITA Educator Group Plans has the perfect selling system for busy agents

When you’re an EQUITA agent you have most of the dreaded work done for you: everybody hates to prospect!  As our agent you enjoy:
A lead-generation program that fills seminar rooms. No more cold-calls, no more embarrassment begging for referrals, no more buying expensive leads that end up nowhere.
A targeted prospect base loaded with educators who are tired of being railroaded into 403(b) programs and are eager to hear alternatives
A low-maintenance selling system. We generate the leads, set up your seminars, and act as your back-office.  What could be easier?
A no-maintenance base of clients. Because once you’ve sold your clients an Educator Plans contract, the service is already sold on a solid, one-of-a-kind product.  You’ll rarely – if ever – get a call from a client after a sale.  Unless they want to invest more!

Be part of a proven insurance and annuity selling system

EQUITA Educator Plans is a national independent marketing organization committed to being the “one-stop shop” for independent agents selling into the education market.   We become your back office, providing you with top products and unparalleled compensation packages as well as personalized services and frequent incentives.  Become an EQUITA Educator Plans agent today!